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2018 Creative Graphics Family Summer Outing to Canterbury Park

On our first day, our owner, Mark Schmidtbauer, had one goal: To help small businesses grow sales and reach more customers. Today we hold that same purpose, but with even better tools and much more ambition. In addition to our original services in printing, we also guide companies through digital marketing, put names in hands with promotional products, and use Marketing Mentor™ to team up with business owners who don’t have the time or resources to focus on getting in front of more customers. Our team of strategists, designers, writers, printers and developers help you define your brand and grow your audience. Whether it’s print, promotional, or digital, a full-scale project or a single job, give us a call. We’ll show you why we’ve stayed surrounded by our clients of small businesses and the customers who love them.

Our Promise to You

We make it a point to treat you as a colleague, a partner, and a friend. We’ll never sell you something that wouldn’t have an impact on your business, and we’ll always take time to explain and suggest new concepts in marketing while remembering and applying tried and trusted tactics. If you’re the first to get to us, we’ll never take a competitor over you, no matter what their price tag is. We’ve continued to succeed as a company because of the fairness and support we’ve received, and we only want to pass our fairness and support onto you, our clients, until you’ve reached your goals and then some.

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Our Team’s Motto:

Because The Customer . . .

Because the customer has a need, we have a job to do.

Because the customer has a choice, we must be the better choice.

Because the customer has sensibilities, we must be considerate.

Because the customer has an urgency, we must be quick.

Because the customer is unique, we must be flexible.

Because the customer has high expectations, we must excel.

Because the customer has influence, we have the hope of more customers.

Because of the customer, we exist.

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