3 Tips For A Promo Products Strategy That Gets Results

May 30, 2019

Hello there! We recently wrote a blog explaining why promo products are awesome. If you’re on the fence about using a promo strategy, it might be a good idea to check out that post.

Promotional items, giveaways, tchotchkes, trinkets or swag. Whatever you want to call them, the biggest key to success comes down to staying power. If a product is useful and durable, it’s unlikely to get thrown away or stashed in a drawer.

If you’re excited about promo products and can’t wait to get going, great! Here are a few fantastic tips to help you figure out your next steps!

1) Hire A Graphic Designer And Printing Partner

Branded products need to look professional and deliver a wow factor. The design needs to make a positive, memorable impression and the print quality needs to be top-tier.

There are do-it-yourself promo product websites available, but these don’t guarantee the best quality or price. Do yourself a favor and partner with a reliable, experienced company that can offer you design and print services.

2) Choose Quality Products That People Will Really Use

There’s a lot of crap out there in the world of branded products. Cheap headphones with terrible audio quality, sun visors and paperweights may seem like nice gifts initially, but they’re hardly helpful or memorable.

Instead of bland products, go with fun items like stylus pens, candy and simple desk games. Don’t go for middle-of-the-road items just for the sake of marketing. Promo products should be fun or helpful.

Gift selection can be based on event locations or themes, seasonality (snug hoodies and ice scrapers, or golf balls and beach towels), or it can be conceptualized out of a headline or tagline. It’s always important to keep your budget in mind as well.

Here are four categories of branded promo products to consider:

  • Practical/useful: Hand sanitizer, water bottles, tote bags, sunglasses
  • Fun/unique: Mini basketball hoops to put over a trashcan, magic 8-ball
  • Thought-provoking/engaging: Games, puzzles
  • High tech: Phone charger power banks, flash drives, Bluetooth speakers, webcam covers

3) Maintain Your Vision

Know your demographics and remember that you’re targeting a specific buyer persona. This information will keep you focused on a strong campaign theme and guide you through the entire strategy.

In order to make a lasting impression, make sure the items or clothing support your corporate image, brand and campaign theme. Tie in a memorable message that brightens people’s day and gives them positive vibes when they think of your brand.

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