5 Tips For Marketing To Generation Z

September 18, 2019

5 Tips For Marketing To Generation Z

“Kids nowadays! These damn millennials rabble rabble rabble!”

Settle down there, dude. Put down those fists of rage. You’re pointing them at the wrong group anyway! People under 25 aren’t millennials. Anybody born after 1995 falls under a different category: Generation Z.

Ahhh, lighten up! There’s nothing wrong with this generation. However, if your business is struggling to connect with them, there might be something wrong with your marketing strategy.

Gen-Z has only ever known the world as a place digitally connected by the internet. They’re also on the verge of having major purchasing power, so you might need to consider making some updates.

How To Market To Generation Z

Here are five tips for marketing to Generation Z, thanks to our good friends at Firespring.

1) Embrace All Things Digital

This generation doesn’t play favorites when it comes to digital media. Social media and news trends are constantly fluctuating and many people under 25 don’t mind getting their information from multiple sources.

They’ll likely be the first generation to consume more media online than offline.

2) Get To The Point

Decisions are made quickly with Google having such a strong presence. People have instant access to pretty much any information they want.

If they don’t find an answer they’re looking for right away, it’s very likely they’ll leave your website for another source.

Communicate your message and value proposition clearly and quickly.

3) Stop Making Everything A Sales Pitch

Traditional one-way selling language doesn’t work like it used to. The best approach is to view your customer-company relationship as a conversation as opposed to an opportunity to sell.

Use your website to engage and your social channels to start a conversation and encourage participation.

4) Consistent Brand Experience

There’s no distinction between online and offline anymore. Your brand experiences need to be consistent, whether in the real world or online.

For example, if your brand voice is one way in a direct mail campaign, it needs to be the same on your website and social media.

5) Give Plenty Of Info

It’s rare to find uninformed consumers now. People research before purchasing things because they’ve grown up in a world with Amazon reviews. They also want to know who they’re doing business with.

Share your company message, be transparent about your products, and give plenty of information to help people make informed decisions.

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