A Timeless Marketing Strategy For Any Year

December 26, 2019

A Timeless Marketing Strategy For Any Year

2020 is almost here! Can you feel it? There’s so much awesome new s#!t happening this coming year. Once the new year begins, your website will instantly fall off the face of Google searches without making these five digital marketing adjustments…

Yeah, we got nothin’. We can’t predict the future and neither can anyone else. Trends come and go in digital marketing and nobody knows exactly which strategies will take off or sink. We do our best to keep up to date with emerging tech and new tactics, but there’s never one magic cure for all marketing woes.

Each company is different and requires unique marketing for its industry and audience. One social media method might do wonders for one business and fall flat for another. One brand might see their website visits and retention skyrocket by adding videos to their content, while others might see little-to-no change.

Trying new things and testing out multiple campaigns is a great way to help improve your brand. However, the primary focus of a website should always be to deliver quality content. When you’re creating web pages, make sure:

  • There’s a clear goal.
  • You know your audience.
  • Your tone is transparent and authentic.
  • The content flows without coming off as a jargon-filled sales pitch.

Clear Goal

What do you want your web page to do? If the goal is to get leads, the content should point to a form, click-to-call phone number/button, or another type of conversion action.

If the goal is to be informational, then load it up with useful, relevant content that’s helpful to your customers.

Know Your Audience

What are your customers interested in? Where are they spending their time online? What digital channels do they use the most? Do they favor mobile or desktop when they visit your website?

These are only a few of many questions to consider when creating content. Knowing your audience is a major step to engaging them and making meaningful connections.

Transparency & Authenticity

Like momma used to say, “Be yourself!”

If your brand is humorous, then be funny and entertaining. If you’re traditional and straightforward, then own it and rock it!

No matter what your brand identity is, it’s always best to be true to yourself and honest with your customers. The more open you are, the more people will trust you.

Content Flow

We hammer this point a lot in our blogs because it’s really important. Keyword stuffing is a useless tactic that looks spammy. Seriously, people are savvy enough to realize when they’re reading a sales pitch and it can be very off-putting.

Keyword research, on the other hand, is valuable for writing good content. Think outside the box and find long-tail keywords that could attract people who are more likely to buy your products or services. Once you have a solid list, weave in the keywords strategically so they flow logically within the content.

Marketing In 2020 And Beyond

Never be afraid to look into new marketing techniques if you think they could help you. But it’s a good idea to avoid chasing the dragon.

There is always a new “next big thing” and it’s unnecessary to keep up with all of them. Focus on creating quality, evergreen content first and add shiny new toys as they fit into your budget and resources. 

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