We Have A New Website, And So Can You!

December 28, 2018

We Have A New Website, And So Can You!

The New Year is here, which means obligatory resolutions. We’re a marketing agency, so our resolution should probably revolve around that. There were a few choices we could have made for our resolution (our website could probably lose a little weight…). But we decided the best change we could make was a rebrand.

On December 20th, we launched our brand new website. We’ve completely revamped the look and some other fancy stuff behind the scenes. You may be asking yourself, “But why?!”

I’ll tell you why, dear curious reader!

Why Redesign Your Website?

Reason 1: We needed a shift in our branding because…

  • The old website didn’t really demonstrate our value.
  • To be blunt, the old website was boring. We needed to evolve.

You’re on our new website now, so you can see the design for yourself, but here’s a handy before-and-after visual of our home page.

Reason 2: We needed a better user experience. One of the most cliché keywords is “customer experience”. Everybody writes about it, but it’s important. If people can’t find anything on your website, you’re screwed.

The wizards behind the curtain (because why not keep the cliché train rolling?) did some digital sorcery and made things run smoother. We’ll spare you the tech talk, but we made some updates to our coding and web hosting and now the website is faster, more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate.

Reason 3: We needed to do a better job of relating with our audience. Our clients are small businesses. We’re a small business. Marketing for small businesses is in our DNA (ugh…seriously, I need to stop).

We understand small businesses and what they need, but our old website wasn’t doing a good job of telling people that. Here’s an example of how we made slight changes to build rapport with website visitors.

So, How Is Your New Website Better Than Your Old One?

Great question! I’ll let our lead designer answer that one.

“Good web design caters to the needs of the user, so that’s who I thought about throughout the design process.”

Our old website was all about promoting our company, but our new website is about solving problems. We have information and ideas on every page, but we also have contact buttons every step of the way in case the user wants to get a hold of us.

“People on the web want information quickly, so it is important to communicate clearly and make our information easy to find, read and digest.”

Visual And UX Updates

1) We added motion. There’s something about a moving visual that piques a person’s curiosity. It grabs the user’s eye, draws them in and keeps them interested.

For the home page, we created a hero banner that shows our enthusiasm for the Twin Cities with drone footage of our beloved Minneapolis skyline. On interior pages, we implemented motion into the copy, images and graphics to help make for more interesting page loads.

2) We chose headlines, sub-headlines and typefaces for easy reading and organization.

3) Our new colors and images were picked to create balance and harmony. Mellow blues, soft orange and calming grays.

4) The navigation makes it easy for visitors to move around our website and take action.

Technical Updates

1) We made sure the website could be easily used on phones and tablets. Most people access websites with mobile devices, so ignoring them would be stupid and might push away a lot of potential clients.

2) The load times are much faster. You really only have two seconds before people leave your website. If your website takes forever to load, you’ll lose customers.

3) The content is better optimized for search engines. SEO is important. Think about how often people use Google as a verb. “I don’t know the answer. Google it.”

If your website isn’t showing up on the first page of search results, most people won’t dig deeper to find you. We updated the copy to put a stronger emphasis on relevance to visitors and clients. Keywords alone won’t cut it these days. Your copy has to be useful for people searching for the keywords.

The Big Idea

Websites are the new storefronts. Many people go to websites before they’ll consider going to physical business locations. If a website isn’t appealing, it might keep people away.

We wanted our website to reflect who we are, but we also wanted to connect with our audience emotionally while speaking to their pain. It’s all about making a connection, and we think our new website nails it. Please take a look around and see what you think!

Should I Update My Website?

We haven’t seen your website, but it might be time for a refresh if you’ve had the same one for the last five years. We’d love to help if you’re interested, so feel free to learn more about our creative and design services.

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