What The Google BERT Update Means For Your SEO Strategy

October 31, 2019

What The Google BERT Update Means For Your SEO Strategy

Google recently introduced BERT.

Sorry, not you, Bert. We’re talking about a pretty big algorithm update called “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. This article does a great job of giving the details on how this update works. Basically, this update impacts SEO by shifting the focus of search results.

Before the BERT update, the search results would be based on the primary keywords. Now, search results are given based on the entire sentence entered in order to give results more accurate to the user’s search goal. Learn more about this here.

Should I Update My SEO To Accommodate The BERT Update? 

That depends. Have you seen a large drop in your analytics in the last couple of weeks? If so, you might need to make updates. Come to think of it, it might be a good idea to refresh your content anyway. The main goal of website content shouldn’t be to fit into Google’s algorithm puzzle. Your SEO objective should be to help your customers and potential customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to writing web content:

Research Is Mandatory

You can’t guess what the best keywords are for your industry. You need to choose your keywords based on actual monthly search volume trends. You also need to research long-tail terms that will help you focus on answering relevant customer questions.

Keyword Stuffing Is Pointless

Search engines are smart enough to know when you’re trying to game the system. If you have paragraphs saturated with keywords with the goal of tricking search engines, you’re going to fail. Keyword stuffing hasn’t worked in a long time, so don’t even bother trying it. 

Context & Accuracy Are Everything

People aren’t searching for your products and services, they’re searching for answers. If you’re not offering answers (or if your answers aren’t good), then your website won’t take priority in search results. After you’ve done keyword research, make sure you’re using terms in content that’s relevant to what people search for.

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