Will Google Chrome Block My HTTP Website? Addressing Google’s Mixed Content Announcement

October 09, 2019

Will Google Chrome Block My HTTP Website? Addressing Google’s Mixed Content Announcement

Marketers love to freak out every time Google makes a change.


Yeah, we’re a sensitive bunch and change is scary. So, naturally, some questions arose when Google recently published an announcement called “No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS”.

This article might make you think that only HTTPS websites will be allowed on Google Chrome and HTTP websites will be blocked. This isn’t the case! Here’s what’s really happening.

Blocking Unsecure Content, Not Web Pages

Our developer Paul (or P-Money, as we like to call him) helped us out on this one. Google is blocking content with a URL that isn’t HTTPS. We’ll use Paul’s example for a blog post on the Creative Graphics website:

The URL for the post would be something like:


However, within this post, we add an image that has an HTTP in the URL.

In this scenario, the blog post would still work, but Google Chrome wouldn’t show the image we used because we used an image with an HTTP URL instead of HTTPS.

Now if a website isn’t secure and still uses HTTP, then it’ll still show non-secure images.

What About Unsecured URLs In Hyperlinks?

This initiative will NOT affect links. We’ll use the blog post example above. If we link to a page that had a URL of “http://www.cgpl.com”, that link would still work even if our website is an HTTPS domain.

<a href=”http://cgpl.com”>This link that would still work on an HTTPS website.</a>

Alright, So What Content Should We Worry About?

If your website is using a secured certificate (HTTPS), these are the content items you need to update to ensure they’re also using HTTPS and not HTTP:

  • Images
  • Scripts
  • Stylesheets
  • iFrames
  • Videos
  • Anything else you can embed in a page that has a URL. BUT NOT LINKS!!!!

If your website is currently using an HTTP domain instead of HTTPS, you shouldn’t worry about your website being blocked in Google Chrome. However, security takes a high priority with customers these days, so you should consider adopting HTTPS regardless. If you’d like to have a secure website, our web development team would love to help you!

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