Your Guide to Easy, Last-Minute Holiday Marketing

November 22, 2017

Your Guide to Easy, Last-Minute Holiday Marketing

Once again, the holiday season appeared out of nowhere, and while most of us are just now swapping our sandals for sweaters, shoppers are already working their way down their shopping lists.

With Christmas on the horizon, there may not be time for you to make an in-depth campaign to reach every last customer, but here are a few easy ways to get under a few more Christmas trees this year.

Promotional emails

The average ROI for email marketing is 122% (no typo here – that’s one hundred and twenty-two percent!), which makes sense when it only takes one click from email to website to learn about or buy a product.

If you have a list of email subscribers or already send promotional emails, consider sending one or two before Christmas. Depending on your list size, it may even be free: there’s no charge for MailChimp’s email marketing if you send to less than 2,000 email addresses.

Just make sure your promotional emails have a purpose, a good design (check out some of MailChimp’s or Constant Contact’s templates), and a well-written message.

Digital advertising

A common myth among business owners is that online advertising is too big to easily handle. From ad design to placement to measuring, it can seem overwhelming if you’re new to the game.

Luckily, there are two simple ways to get your digital ad out in front of holiday shoppers, and they don’t include long contracts and weeks of planning. In fact, your ads can start running in a few hours or less.

Social Media

Every day, over one billion people log on to Facebook, 400 million to Instagram, and 100 million to Twitter. For comparison, the Mall of America’s parking lot can only hold 12,750 cars (and some bicycles).

With a huge population and constant activity, social media is a great place to advertise, and each social media site makes it easy for small businesses to start running ads.

It’s actually hard to avoid advertising prompts from Facebook. Head to your company page and see a Promote button on the left, an Advertise Your Business link in the middle, and mock ads in your newsfeed that are ready to run with a few clicks.

You just need to select your audience, choose your wording, and decide how much you want to spend (as little as $10 can go a long way). Other sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have similarly easy ways to get in front of potential customers.

Google AdWords

Advertising on Google involves a little more organization, but takes out the need to have an appealing photo. Google ads are created to look like normal search results posts, but with a green Ad tag on the left.

Create a Google account, log in to AdWords, and select wording, budget and which keywords your customers may type in when searching for your product. Just don’t forget to set an end date if your ads are holiday-specific.

Website landing page

With all of that email marketing and digital advertising, you’ll need a solid website or landing page to send your users to. Your webpage needs to have an attractive design, clear messaging and an easy route that leads those last-minute shoppers to a purchase.

Social media

Aside from advertising on social media, simple posts from your company pages and accounts can show off products and create brand awareness. And while posts won’t get the same reach to new customers as social media ads, they can still be valuable in your holiday marketing. Try a few of these ideas for boosting sales:

  • Post photos of products
  • Talk about how your staff is preparing for the holidays
  • Post links to your website and product pages
  • Show off your store or office holiday decorations
  • Post an offer or discount

First steps to last-minute holiday marketing

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