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Good copywriting is the difference between:

“We have a wide selection of watches.”
“You work hard. Don’t you deserve a new watch?”

Better Writing = Better Sales

While one of the above lines simply explains the product, the other makes an emotional connection with the customer, which can have a better chance at making a sale.

Why Words Matters

It’s easy to notice bad writing. If a webpage or flyer doesn’t stay on topic, guide the reader along or use appropriate grammar, it can feel like you’re reading a box of Scrabble pieces.

The choice of words, voice, sentence flow and punctuation should naturally lead the reader to the end without it feeling clunky or unorganized.

Stand Out

We write your brand’s marketing materials to be unique from the rest by avoiding the overused phrases that everyone else uses, like “high-quality solutions” and “hands-on customer service.”

Keep Them Reading

Ever start daydreaming while reading someone’s marketing piece? We keep messaging simple and straightforward while including your main selling points so your readers won’t toss you aside out of boredom.

We treat words like a river: They should guide a reader to the end of the page without the chance of sinking or running out of steam.

How We Help

Our writers in Burnsville, Minnesota can whip out a full message to your customers that engages and entices in all marketing materials, including:

We’ll work with you to determine the best writing style and the exact type of messaging that you want to get across to your customers. Even if you only have a general idea of where to start, we’ll help you finish.

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