Marketing Mentor

Marketing Mentor Program — Marketing Management for Small Businesses

Your business needs marketing, but you don’t have the time or staff to have an in-house marketing department. Our Marketing Mentor program is your solution!

Think of it as hiring an entire marketing department at once. We’ll handle the development, design, production and execution of optimized print and digital marketing. You’ll get greater marketplace exposure and more leads, ultimately impacting revenue and growing business.

How Does Marketing Mentor Work? We’re Glad You Asked!

Our process is cyclical. We’ll work with you to repeatedly meet new goals and improve your marketing plans, with the central goal of driving your bottom line.

During your Marketing Mentor relationship, we will continually:

Elements of The Marketing Mentor Program






Why It Works

We want to see your business succeed. Our Marketing Mentor program isn’t just an owner’s manual that we drop in your lap, leaving you to do the work. Our team develops and carries out each aspect of how you reach your customers.

We’ll meet periodically to review the progress and results and work to keep efforts on time and on target. This program ensures that you can keep your business’s marketing plan on track with minimal effort but with outstanding results.

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