Brochures (or pamphlets or tracts) have been used throughout history to move information. Today, we use brochures more than ever thanks to lower printing costs and more business activity.

Use brochures to show off your products, events, locations or to introduce your company. We design and print each brochure in-house to lower your costs even more.

Unique to your Business

We design every brochure to be distinct. Our graphic designers never use a template and our marketing strategists choose the information that will be the most useful and the most persuasive. We also take care of:

Paper Grade

We’ll help you decide on paper size, thickness and styles (glossy, matte, etc.). You can also choose from more than just the classic tri-fold:

  • Half Fold or Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold or 3-Panel Fold
  • Quad-fold or Parallel Fold
  • Z-Fold or Accordion Fold
  • Right Angle or French Fold
  • Roll Fold
  • Gate Fold
  • Closed Gate Fold


Use your brochures as handouts, in point-of-sale displays or direct mail pieces.

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