Personalized Mailing

Personalized Mailing

Today, personalization is not only popular but also easy to implement with modern tech. We use personalization in direct mail pieces so that each recipient gets a slightly different offer, image or information.

Why Personalize?

Personalizing mail (also called variable data printing) can have a huge effect on the actions of your customers. A postcard mailer with the customer name can increase a connection. A coupon with a higher offer can increase the chance of a purchase by a customer who hasn’t been into your store in a while.

Personalized mail can even benefit event invites. Colleges often use the same mail pieces for alumni events but change each “Class of 19XX” year for the recipient.

We can personalize nearly anything on a mail piece.

  • Names
  • Dates and date ranges
  • Graphics and photos
  • Deals and Offers
  • Past purchase info
  • Customer data
  • Messaging
  • Barcodes

More Personalized Marketing

This process works for more than just mailing. If you’re hosting an event with printed handouts, you can specify each name, numeric or graphical code, and more.

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